We believe in politics that unites people in their shared interests, because together we can build something bigger than the sum of our parts.

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Liberal democracy has been a uniting force, bringing groups of people with diverse values together around a common vision of society for centuries. Prizing and upholding values of liberty, freedom and striving for ideals that are greater than ourselves, it is one of the single most important ideas to lead to the development of our modern societies. It has taken billions out of poverty, brought stability, toppled dictators, expanded suffrage and allowed people to live the life they want.

But here in the UK as around the world, this ideal is under threat. Populists of the left and right challenge hard won economic and personal freedoms. They look for easy answers to complex problems, like our economy, climate and social care. Populism, in whatever form, will never provide long term solutions to real world issues, it will only make them worse.

Opposition politicians have increasingly retreated into a narrow bubble focused on issues far detached from the needs and concerns of ordinary people. Historically, only when political parties have at their core a clear strategy, and an offer that meets the needs of ordinary people can they hope to challenge existing political dominance.

At present no politicians of the moderate centre ground have a strategy to change our country. Those that have vision are driven by political necessity to play short term politics. They can never be more than a sticking plaster, unless the system they are working in changes.

To succeed, movements for change require infrastructure that goes beyond a party: from think tanks, campaign consultants, and data analysts to policy experts, an expanded civil society and popular movements. These elements need identifying, encouraging, and coordinating.

We need to look beyond highly polarising messaging that is focussed on those things that drive us apart, sorting us into groups to be manipulated. Instead we should be developing a politics that seeks out common ground between people who may live very different lives from one another.

This is a long-term task and not one for politicians who are focussed only on the next election.

Over the next few months we will be developing a non-partisan organisation to carry out this task. We will be raising money and recruiting a team of people that we hope will be part of our country’s future. At our core will be a focus on four key areas. These are strategy, policy, campaigns and editorial. We aim to take ideas, to develop them into something that works and then ensure they are used to win. You could perhaps think of us as a ‘Skunkworks’ or ‘Innovation Lab’ for a new kind of politics.

We are the Assembly Unit. Join us in our mission.


If you are interested in getting involved, want more information or would consider making a donation to support the Assembly Unit, please contact us.

Email: info@assemblyunit.org.uk

Twitter: @TheAssemblyUnit

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/the-assembly-unit


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The Assembly Unit will be growing over the coming months. If you like what we’re about and have the skills and the passion that can add value to our vision, we’d like to talk. We are particularly interested to talk to you if you have a background in Strategy, Campaigns, Policy, Journalism and Fundraising. Simply submit your CV and we’ll get in touch.

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